H&R Benefits

Medical Insurance 

Our medical coverage has In- network benefits are covered at 100% with no deductible and out-of-network benefits are covered at 80%.

Dental Insurance 

We offer dental coverage plan allows you to seek services from the dentist of your choice.

Short-term disability 

We offer this benefit to provide you with a source of income if you are unable to work due to disability or illness.

Flexible spending account

This plan allows employees to be reimbursed for contribution to health insurance and qualified medical and dependent care expenses with pre-tax salary. For expenses incurred while employed, participant may be reimbursed for medical expenses up to amount of annual elections; for dependent care only up to amount contributed year-to-date to the plan.

Vacation and Sick Time

This benefit offers family-friendly policies and programs that help staff balance and enjoy periods of rest and relaxation.  Employee is eligible to accrue effective on your date of hire.




We observe ten (10) federal holidays each year.




We offer retirement benefits



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