Organizational Culture

  • H & R is very proud to be an equal opportunity employer, which rewards meritocracy and only meritocracy.


  • A very strong “Customer first” culture cascades down the organization and is the hallmark of our company. All of us at H & R understand and appreciate that we are in business because of our customers and so customer satisfaction is of prime significance for us.


  • We take pride in the technical competence and professionalism of our team and to maintain its quality, we have a stringent recruitment procedure in place.


  • We invite innovators and result orientated professionals who add value to our customers and hence the company.


  • The new recruits are given a thorough orientation about the company, organizational objectives mission and culture upon their joining the organization.


  • The work culture is based on a mutual specific and measurable goal setting and a closed loop feedback mechanism is in place. The work environment is relaxed yet result orientated, accountabilities and responsibilities are thoroughly married and the absolute performance is manifested in the biyearly performance appraisals.
  • We provide extrinsic as well as intrinsic rewards to our deserving employees.


“Lets get started-visibility, feedback, results”