Highly Skilled Professionals 

Experienced in the Technologies You Need 

When you need qualified professionals turn to H & R. Our skilled and experienced staff and managers are available for both short-term and long-term projects. Our professionals have extensive knowledge in areas such as:

Information Technology Services 

HRCC’s Information Technology Group provides comprehensive technology solutions – we work with clients to develop and implement the IT Strategies they need to better manage staff, analyze data, and share information. Our deep understanding of emerging technology trends has helped many of our clients not only achieve their immediate business goals, but lay a foundation for future capabilities. We have experience developing sophisticated Web Applications for the federal government incorporating the latest advances in Cloud Computing, Big Data, Cyber Security, and Mobility. In many instances our Information Technology Group works closely with our Management Consulting Group staff to implement technology solutions for management projects.

Captiva and Kofax Document Scanning Solutions

HRCC specialize in saving time, money and space by converting paper documents into digital images. With our core product offering using Captiva and Kofax Software solutions, we reduce paper, improve efficiency and cut costs quickly and easily. With document scanning services documents are converted to digital images that are electronically stored, retrieved, tracked and managed from computer or mobile device. From full-text OCR to book scanning, HRCC will work with you to find the best document scanning solution for your needs.

Scanning Documents

Easily convert, store, access and share standard and oversize documents.

Indexing Services

Digitize handwritten and hard-to-read data and search documents easily with accurately captured data. Scan, index bound or unbound books to meet regulatory compliance and disaster recovery guideline.

Full Text OCR

Quickly locate documents by searching on any word, date or phrase on scanned documents.

Business Process Management

HRCC offer implementation services for Documentum and Workflow Automation software to Streamline your business processes by automatically distributing and passing electronic documents, information and tasks from one participant to another, increasing your efficiency. Let our workflow software implementation work for you!

We handle paper-based workflow systems that are cumbersome, labor intensive and prone to error with little or no accountability. Digitize your efforts and watch productivity grow. Documents are easily entered into your workflow management software via document imaging, e-forms or importing electronic files that kick off an automated routing, approval and tracking process.

NetApp Software & Storage 

At H & R computer Consulting Services, we know NetApp.

NetApp storage and NetApp Software are at the core of HRCC’s product offering. NetApp Software
Manage, protect, optimize, and restore your data with a wide variety of NetApp storage software. The HRCC team includes expert-level NetApp storage engineers, QA Tester, administrator each with years of experience architecting, troubleshooting, and maintaining NetApp environments.

We handle all the recruiting, training, compensation and benefits, saving you vital operating costs and management headaches. So all you have to worry about is when and where you need help.

IT Infrastructure 

IT Infrastructure is the backbone for the modern organization. A well designed and maintained IT Infrastructure will lead to improved data flow, information exchange, communication, and processing capabilities. As an experienced IT vendor, HRCC understands the importance of an effective IT Infrastructure. Since 1999, HRCC has been providing organizations with best in class IT Infrastructure support. HRCC’s certified IT professionals are capable of providing a wide range of IT Infrastructure support services. These services include enterprise architecture, infrastructure assessment and design, network/server administration, data backup, workstation maintenance, software updates, and remedial maintenance.

IT Security

HRCC understands the importance of IT Security in today’s business climate. Whether a small company or large federal Agency, sound IT Security support is critical to the organization’s ability to operate effectively. For the past ten years HRCC has been providing its clients with high quality IT Security services. HRCC’s IT Security professionals are highly trained professionals capable of dealing with today’s unique cyber threats. As a company, HRCC has developed a wide range of service offerings, including, FISMA reporting, IT security capital planning, security patch management, certification and accreditation (C&A), IT security training, SOP development, and cyber security.

How We Work 

Working with your human resources team, we identify personnel and skill requirements that will meet your objectives precisely. We recruit, screen and certify only the most qualified professionals, for your complete satisfaction.  And we don’t stop there. We know that our placements are H & R employees and our complete responsibility. That’s why everyone is required to adhere to our strict standards of high quality service, teamwork and dedication. We keep in constant contact with you throughout the engagement to ensure your continued satisfaction.